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Archetypal Musings

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In Archetypal Musings, Pamela G. Almeida Gathers, Weaves, and Embodies Archetypal Wisdom to Transform it into Offerings of Beauty!

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Artist Bio

In Archetypal Musings, Pamela G. Almeida Opens Portals to Gather Ancestral Wisdom and Reveal Archetypal Medicine.


Pamela G. Almeida, M.A.

Artist | Scholar | Creator 

In my life as a dancer, visual artist, crafter, and scholar, I have learned to embrace the creation of deep, authentic, unapologetic Beauty as a vehicle for deep transformation. The creation of Beauty, no matter in which form, provides a container in which we gather our joys and pains and compost them to create fertile ground for hope and inspiration. True Beauty has the power to soothe, hold, and nurture the soul and as such holds a great potential to heal physically, emotionally, psychological, and spiritually.

I completed my bachelor's degree in World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA in 2005, with an emphasis on Cultural Studies.  In 2015, I completed my master's of arts degree in Women's Spirituality at Sofia University (formerly known as The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology).  My current research focuses on the psycho-spiritual development of women and children with an emphasis on healing from trauma using creative practice, and it is supported by emerging information on attachment theory, emotional intelligence, trauma theory, brain development, feminist theory, and my involvement with West-African indigenous spiritual and dance practices and earth-based spirituality.

My artistic and scholarly work is transdisiplinary and usually focuses on the development, redefinition, and application of theory and practice.  I enjoy gathering information from seemingly unrelated disciplines and weaving them together to create a new framework of inquiry.  I rely heavily on creative expression, painting and dance, as in my experience, intentional creativity has guided most, if not, all of my academic and personal explorations.

All the original artwork and products offered through Archetypal Musings are created by integrating and weaving academic research, intentional artistic processes, earth-based spirituality, self-exploration, and a desire to live more in-tune with natural cycles.  There is a deep level of mindfulness and care in all of my offerings.  I trust you find beauty, joy, and nourishment when you use or engage with my products.     


“In indigenous cultures, art is not considered a talent so much as an avenue of expression, available to all. In the folk art tradition, art serves the dual functions of self revelation and community inspiration.” ~ Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard, 1996

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