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Archetypal Musings

1703 Salamoni Ct

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Archetypal Musings Weaves Beauty, Spirit & Knowledge to Create Original Artwork & Intentional Handcrafted Products that Embody Archetypal Principles. 

Beard Balms

Archetypal Musings Beard Balms are gentle and smooth balms, handcrafted with high quality ingredients to help soften, condition, and repair facial hair.  They helps lock in moisture, stimulate new growth, and assist as a mild styling agent.  My archetypal beard balms also condition the skin, potentially alleviating the itching caused by new growth.  Because of their rich, gentle nutrients Archetypal Musings Beard Balm can also be used as a nourishing aftershave.  

Please visit the online MARKETPLACE to look at all the archetypal products available in the Archetypal Musings line.

Note: If an Archetypal Musings product ingredient is difficult to source due to seasonal availability, I will try my best to choose a replacement that is equality nourishing and that maintains the aromatic essence of the product.  This means that from time to time, the  ingredients might differ slightly from one batch to the next.  In my commitment  to working with sustainable and seasonal ingredients, I will not compromise Archetypal Musings integrity by choosing lower quality ingredients or vendors.  Please, always read the label for the current list of ingredients.