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Archetypal Musings

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In Archetypal Musings, Pamela G. Almeida Gathers, Weaves, and Embodies Archetypal Wisdom to Transform it into Offerings of Beauty!


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Vastness of Possibility

Pamela G. Almeida, MA

© Pamela G. Almeida.  All Rights Reserved.

© Pamela G. Almeida.  All Rights Reserved.

I called for and created the container that would hold the potentiality of everything I could become.  And so, she emerged, a large single female figure containing a developing fetus—the potential to be reborn. Perhaps the archetypal image represents me in a parthenogenic state of self-gestation, waiting to emerge and be seen. Or perhaps she is an image of the Great Archetypal Mother holding me in her womb.  Perhaps going back to her womb and being anointed by her waters can allow everything to be re-imagined and everything to be transformed.

This marks the beginning of a truly nourishing, attuned bond.

This image is available for sale as a single 5"x7" card or as a pack of 5 in the online MARKETPLACE.  Each card comes with a white envelope and clear sleeve.  If this image calls you and you are interested in a larger high quality print version of it, please contact me to arrange a custom order.