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Archetypal Musings

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In Archetypal Musings, Pamela G. Almeida Gathers, Weaves, and Embodies Archetypal Wisdom to Transform it into Offerings of Beauty!


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Gathering the Roses

Pamela G. Almeida, MA

© Pamela G. Almeida.  All Rights Reserved.

© Pamela G. Almeida.  All Rights Reserved.

Through the Goddess with her mysteries holding us all together in our process of maturation, I wanted to gather the roses that were connected by the red of blood, our blood.  To create a circle of women to be held, to take turns being embraced and supported, to celebrate each other’s lives and be held while we mourn our losses.  To have the opportunity to gather from a place of empowerment and possibility in being women, to challenge western culture’s suspicion of female bonds, and to establish the value of our female bloodlines.

This painting is dedicated to all the amazing women (and men) who have been part of my journey in redefining women’s bonds, leadership, and power. May we all gather the roses and heal the bloodline.

This image is available for sale as a single 5"x7" card or as a pack of 5 in the online MARKETPLACE.  Each card comes with a white envelope and clear sleeve.  If this image calls you and you are interested in a larger high quality print version of it, please contact me to arrange a custom order.