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In Archetypal Musings, Pamela G. Almeida Gathers, Weaves, and Embodies Archetypal Wisdom to Transform it into Offerings of Beauty!


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Loving Lips Properties

Pamela G. Almeida, MA



Loving Lips is infused with the energy of the Lover Archetype.  It was created in honor of the Love Goddess, who contains the joy, openness, and potential for self-affirming creativity.  She embodies one's ability to become self-fulfilled, self-affirmed, and self-contained in loving relationship to self and others.


  • Bergamot EO is the oil of self-acceptance and self-love.  It's aroma may help open and expand the heart chakra, creating a cleansing effect on stagnant emotions and helping one radiate loving energy.
  • Lavender EO is soothing and calming.  It's aroma may promote love, peace, communication, and a sense of well-being.
  • Geranium EO fosters peace, well-being, and hope.  Its aroma balances emotions and may help one be more open and receptive.
  • Cinnamon Bark EO is the oil of sexual harmony.  It is believed to help individuals accept and embrace their bodies at the same time that it nurtures healthy sexual expression. 
  • Rose EO is a powerful healer of the heart.  It restores authenticity, wholeness, and purity of heart.  Its aroma is elevating to the mind and supports an individual in connecting to Divine Love.  

Loving Lips is available for sale as a single lip balm or as a pack of 5.  Please note that Loving Lips IS NOT part of the Sacred Lips Collection.  Please visit the MARKETPLACE to purchase.  

Note: If a Sacred Lips lip balm ingredient is difficult to source due to seasonal availability, I will try my best to choose a replacement that is equality nourishing and that maintains the aromatic essence of the product.  This means that from time to time, the Sacred Lips ingredients might differ slightly from one batch to the next.  In my commitment  to working with sustainable and seasonal ingredients, I will not compromise Sacred Lips integrity by choosing lower quality ingredients or vendors.  Please, always read the label for the current list of ingredients.

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