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Archetypal Musings

1703 Salamoni Ct

San Jose, CA 95133

Los Angeles, CA


Archetypal Musings Weaves Beauty, Spirit & Knowledge to Create Original Artwork & Intentional Handcrafted Products that Embody Archetypal Principles. 

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Greeting Cards

The process of working in mystical relationship with an archetype is a solitary effort, carried out in the deep forest of the psyche.

~ Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard, 1996


Each image in this gallery is available for sale as a single 5" x 7" greeting card in the online MARKETPLACE.  Each card comes with a white envelope and clear sleeve.  Some images are excerpts of the original artwork.  

All images and text within this website are the intellectual and artistic property of Pamela G. Almeida.  Please do not copy, reproduce, or print any of the content within without permission.  Thank You.