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Archetypal Musings

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Archetypal Musings Weaves Beauty, Spirit & Knowledge to Create Original Artwork & Intentional Handcrafted Products that Embody Archetypal Principles. 

Solid Perfumes

Who doesn't love the sweet, invigorating, or uplifting scent of a perfume?  I do, for sure.  With continued research, I decided to formulate my own archetypal perfumes.  Sacred Scents Solid Perfumes give a beautiful, soft scent at the same time that they nourish the skin.  An added benefit is that their compact packaging and size makes them easy to carry and take on the go.  

*Please note that because each Sacred Scent perfume does not contain any synthetic scent, stabilizer, or preservative, it may need to be reapplied more frequently, however, a small amount per application will provide a rich aroma.

Please visit the online MARKETPLACE to look at all the archetypal products available in the Sacred Scents line.

NoteIf a Sacred Scents product ingredient is difficult to source due to seasonal availability, I will try my best to choose a replacement that is equality nourishing and that maintains the aromatic essence of the product.  This means that from time to time, the Sacred Scents ingredients might differ slightly from one batch to the next.  In my commitment  to working with sustainable and seasonal ingredients, I will not compromise Sacred Scents integrity by choosing lower quality ingredients or vendors.  Please, always read the label for the current list of ingredients.